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New Fabric and A Linen Hemlock

Posted by Jessica Povenmire on


Yesterday, we received six new fabrics that are now available in the shop! I'm so excited to be carrying some fun new fibers - tencel twill and a linen jersey! I've already sewed up a linen Hemlock Tee from Grainline Studio (I just couldn't wait!) and have quite a few other projects on my wishlist. I figured I'd share some of my inspiration with you!



First up - my recently completed Hemlock Tee in our new linen jersey. This fabric is just dreamy and I'm already wishing that we had ordered more colors! We have it in a navy blue and this gorgeous dusty pink. It's 100% linen knit with a pretty loose's almost better to think of it as a very lightweight sweater knit!



The only alteration I made was to cut my sleeves about six inches shorter than the pattern calls for. I left them unhemmed (but serged) so that I can roll them down when layering with a cardigan or roll them up for a more relaxed and casual look. I purposefully wore a black bra so that you could see how sheer it is. You can definitely tell that there is a slub texture, but I think with the right undergarments, you wouldn't be able to tell.



I was inspired by some of the summer t-shirts that I've seen at J.Crew lately - their linen tee's always look so comfy! I think using this linen knit with the Lark Tee pattern would pretty much mimic them exactly. I can't wait to make a v-neck version! I'm thinking I might flip the neckline binding around so the raw edges of the folded band create the neckline...the texture might be neat. I've definitely got some playing around to do!



We also received a lovely tencel twill in three perfect neutrals - ivory, slate grey, and black. I'm not going to lie...I'm pretty obsessed with this fabric after using it to make my Kalle Shirtdress a few weeks ago! I won't re-post all the pictures, but if you want to find out more about that project and see the tencel in action, you can read all about it here.


Tencel is a pretty amazing fabric. It feels heavy to the touch and because of that, has a beautiful drape and weight. But at the same time, it is also quite lightweight and breathable. This makes it a perfect year-round fabric for all your staples. 



There are three projects that I'm dying to make out of our new tencel...

1. A drapey, gorgeous Archer Button Up Shirt out of the ivory colorway, inspired by the one in the first picture from Anthropologie. I think the luxurious feel of the fabric would add an element of sophistication to the Archer.

2. A pair of Hudson Pants out of the grey colorway. I love the relaxed look in the third photo above and woven joggers are basically another way of saying "secret pj's". They would be so comfy! And perfect for hot summer days.

3. I would absolutely love to draft a blouse inspired by the ever-inspiring Elizabeth Suzann, similar to the one in the first photo, worn by Caroline from Unfancy. The one she is wearing (as are many from Elizabeth Suzann) is actually silk, but I think tencel would work just as well. I am so inspired by the seemingly shapeless tops that just look so elegant and chic. Clearly, this is on the top of my list...


What would you  make with these fabrics? I can't wait to start seeing projects popping up here and there! I'd love to know what's on your summer sewing list.


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