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My Favorite Sock Patterns

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Whether you're new to sock knitting and need something to get you on your way, or you have a box full of socks and are looking for some inspiration for your next pair, I've got a full round up for you! There's a sock pattern for everyone here...I hope you find something you can't wait to cast on!


For Sock Knitters Just Starting Out

- Basic Socks from Churchmouse Yarn and Tea - This pattern is absolutely my go-to and the first one that I would recommend! It is a true classic. The pattern includes multiple sizes and instructions for using both fingering and DK weight yarn. This sock features a traditional top-down construction with a gusset heel. Available on Ravelry, but I also carry the paper pattern in the shop because I love it so much! This is the sock pattern featured in the image above.

- Hermione's Everyday Socks - Another great sock for beginners! Plus, this pattern is FREE! This is a pretty classic, top-down sock, similar to the Basic Socks pattern, just with some added texture on the sock and the heel. However, it doesn't have multiple sizes or gauges.

- Vanilla Latte Socks - Full disclosure - I'm not a huge fan of ribbed socks. I don't know why. Personal preference I guess, so I just leave them out. BUT! I do love this pattern. It's FREE (yay!) and includes three different types of gusset heels. I use it as a reference every time I turn my heels! Includes instructions for three sizes.

- Rye Light Socks - Tin Can Knits is an amazing designer and these socks are no different. The pattern includes instructions for six different sizes - socks for the whole family! The pattern is FREE and it part of Tin Can Knits' Learn to Knit series, so the instructions are straightforward and easy to follow. Also available as a worsted weight version!




For a Little Texture

- Confetti and Cable Socks - I knit this pattern three times during my first year of socks - that's how much I love it! The little cable detail adds just enough interest without making the actual knitting of the pattern too overwhelming. That said, I don't love the heel instructions. Instead, I use either an afterthought or a gusset heel. Includes instructions for three sizes.

- Fine and Dandy Socks - Texture! The dip stitches used in this pattern create such a great texture to the sock. They can be a little tricky to figure out, but if you take it slow and pay attention to the pattern (I definitely didn't at first), you'll be fine! I think it works best for more tonal yarns than highly speckled ones, but the choice is yours!

I'm also planning on knitting the Into the Woods Socks this year, which seems to use a similar stitch pattern. Both the Fine and Dandy Socks and the Into the Woods Socks include instructions for two sizes.

- Memory Lane Socks - There's just something so cozy about cable knit socks. I haven't personally knit these yet, but they're definitely on my list for this year! I love the pattern and the texture. Includes instructions for four sizes.

- Simple Sock 2 - I'm not really sure how practical bobbles on socks are, but I just can't get over how cute and fun these are! Don't worry, I'll knit them and get back to you on how they feel inside my winter boots...Includes instructions for two sizes.



For More Color

Full disclosure: I have not yet knit any colorwork socks. But this will be the year that changes! These patterns are all on my to-knit list.

- Snowy Toes - Just a little bit of colorwork to get you started. Perfect for scrap busting and the color combo's are endless. Just take a look at the finished projects for some serious inspiration! Includes instructions for four sizes.

- Holiday Road - Another great scrap busting project! I had hoped to make these as my holiday socks this year, but it just didn't happen. These seem like a great introduction into all-over colorwork socks. Only includes instructions for one size, but notes that there is room for adjustments.

- Coast Mountain - My mountain-loving heart just couldn't pass these up! I love the little detail around the toe or cuff and most definitely have these on my 2020 sock knitting plans. Includes instructions for two sizes.

- Baltic Princess - I fell in love with this colorwork design a couple of years ago, but have been too intimidated to try it! This is going to be the year that I make my attempt. Definitely check out the designer's Ravelry page because she has a ton of really amazing sock patterns (Arctic Dawn is my other favorite)!



For Something Extra Cozy 

- Winter Morning Socks - Shameless self-promotion: I wrote this pattern! This was the final sock I knit for my Year of Socks. I wanted something cozy and warm that I could wear around the house on winter mornings and these worsted-weight socks fit the ticket. Only includes instructions for one size.

- Aspen Socks - I knit these with a friend a few years back and still love wearing them over tights and leggings! The texture is created through only knits and purls, so there's no complicated cables to trip you up. These socks use DK weight yarn, so even though they're over-the-knee, they still knit up quick! Only includes instructions for one size, but can be knit as either socks or leg warmers.

- Cozy Cottage Socks - This pattern came out at the end of last year and immediately made their way onto my 2020 sock knitting plan - they just look so cozy and comfortable! I love that they can be styled with the cuff rolled down for a slipper-feel too. These use aran weight yarn, so they'll knit up in no time. Includes instructions for four sizes.



Just For Fun!

- Fluorite Socks - A pair of faded socks that's perfect for scrap busting! These socks could be really expensive if you buy yarn for them and you only need a little bit of each color...I definitely recommend making these when your stash is getting a little too big and you need to clear some leftovers out! Includes instructions for three sizes (and two lengths). 

- You Better Work Socks - These are going to be my January Socks this year! Knit inside out to create a pair of socks with a different texture, these are an update to a classic. Plus, the pattern includes instructions for seven sizes!

- Fox Isle Socks - Because who doesn't want Fox Socks? These might be the ultimate feat (feet?) in sock knitting, but someday...someday I will make them...Includes instructions for three sizes.



Some Great Resources

When I posted about starting my #lamercerieyearofsocks2020, there were a couple questions about how to fit socks and where to start. A few people recommended Kate Atherley and oh man - what a resource!

Her site includes blog posts on everything from how to fit a sock to using different types of needles. She is a wealth of information and I definitely recommend reading her posts!

And of course, please feel free to send me any questions you may have! I love helping wherever I can :)


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