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Me Made May and The Curated Closet

Posted by Jessica Povenmire on


I've always joked that if something is grey and/or stripes, I'll probably love it. And when I look at my closet, that's definitely true. I have more neutral striped shirts than any one person probably should.

But I didn't really consider that "my style". Even now, after a month of assessing and analyzing my outfits and how I feel when I'm wearing them with The Curated Closet, I'm still not sure that I know how I would describe my style and how I dress. While it's definitely still a work in progress, at least now I can identify what I like and what I don't. I no longer need to waste my time on making or buying things that I will only wear once and then stick in the back of my closet. And as silly as that may sound, it's actually pretty liberating.

Now that I'm working from home instead of going into an office everyday, my main priority is comfort, without looking sloppy. This means I'm definitely missing some key pieces in my closet, but at least my wardrobe is on its way to fitting with my lifestyle! Me Made May helped me realize that I need to make more bottoms (jeans, chinos, etc.), as well as more layering pieces like cardigans and tanks.


The Curated Closet has a "style profile" for you to complete once you've gotten through some of the assessment parts. I thought it'd be fun to share mine...I'd love to know what other people are finding in theirs too, as it seems like quite a few people are reading this book this month!


What's the best name for your personal style?
Comfortable classic.

In one or two sentences, what's the overall idea behind your style?
My personal style is built on the layering of simple basics. Because nothing is too bold/loud, the pieces work well together and therefore look causal but purposeful.

What does a typical outfit look like for this style?
Well-fitting skinny or straight leg jeans, a t-shirt that is just slightly fitted without being tight, a drapey cardigan or oversized scarf, and some booties.

What does this style say about its wearer? What three character qualities does it convey?
Comfort, ease, classic.

What are the key pieces of this style?
A great pair of denim and a classic tee.

What are the dominant colors?
Shades of grey, olive green, ivory. Stripes (if stripes can be a color).

Which silhouettes, cuts, and fits are part of this style?
For pants, a skinny or boyfriend fit, but not baggy - they should be somewhat fitted through the hips and upper thigh. Still unsure of skirt silhouettes that fit this style. For tops, either scoop or v-neck (not crew!), wrapped cardigans, and a boxier shape overall. Play with proportion vs. material (the drapier the material, the bigger the shape!).

What type of materials and fabrics work well with this style?
Silk, tencel, bamboo jersey, rayon. Fabrics that will move with me instead of those with lots of structure and shape. Jeans should be thicker, with a lower spandex content. No one needs jeggings. Knits on knits on knits in the fall and winter.

What does the styling look like? Think accessories, specific styling techniques, and hair and makeup.
I can play with color and print more in my accessories than I do in my outfits, especially in scarves. Suede or leather booties with a heel, and either a statement necklace or a bright lip. I never really wear my hair up, so realistically it will likely be worn down with its natural wave.



I also found it really helpful to create a color palette based on my wardrobe. I obviously don't have to stick to it, but it definitely gives me a starting point in how I think about my outfits and future fabric purchases. My main colors are grey, ivory, and olive. The neutrals that I'm drawn to are denim and black, which can layer in with everything. My accent colors, which tend to find their way into my accessories or some layering pieces, are mustard, dusty pink, and maroon.

It's actually kind of fun to think about getting dressed in the morning as a formula, like The Curated Closet recommends. Skinny jeans + neutral tee + accent color scarf. Or boyfriend jeans + accent tank + neutral wrapped cardigan. By trying to incorporate a key item, some neutrals/main colors, and an accent here or there, I really can't go wrong. Somehow picking an outfit just suddenly seems so much easier.


I'm going to be honest. Reading an entire book and spending a month assessing my closet felt pretty materialistic at times. Shouldn't getting dressed just be about putting on what I like and going about my day? I wish. In an ideal world, it wouldn't matter what we wear. But as it is, my clothes help give me confidence...especially when they are me-made. So why waste my time and money on something that doesn't make me feel great?

As materialistic as it may have felt at times, this month has really shown me how to not splurge in the future. I might love a fabric and think I have to have it, only to let it sit in my sewing room for ages without turning it into anything. Why spend money on something I won't use? I'm hoping that this whole process will actually help me become less materialistic and more realistic about what I will and won't wear. It will probably be at least a little easier to say "no" to some abstract neon scuba print from here on out.

I really do think that this whole process has left me less materialistic and more aware than when I started. And for that, I'm pretty excited to see where it takes me.


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