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The Kalle Shirtdress

Posted by Jessica Povenmire on


Heather Lou has done it again...the Kalle Shirtdress is a pretty amazing pattern. I originally thought I would make the dress version, but given my recent discovery that I seem to like my dresses a little longer, I was worried the dramatic side hemline would be too short. I know I need more blouses in my wardrobe, so I decided to go with the tunic and I am so glad that I did! It's perfect in every way.



Even though this tunic is pretty long, I still felt effortlessly chic pairing it with some skinny jeans and booties. It's the perfect modern take on such a classic look. It feels very Madewell, which (thanks to my Curated Closet project) is what I'm realizing I'm definitely drawn towards these days. I felt like I could be going out on date night or just wearing it around town to run errands...which definitely makes this blouse a winner in my book!

I made my version out of a lightweight tencel twill that will be coming to the shop soon!! It's soft and drapey and everything wonderful that I look for in a woven fabric. I seriously want to make my next few projects out of this fabric - how much tencel is too much tencel? Is there such a thing? I'd say no.



I sewed my version without any major modifications, just to see how the pattern would fit as written and consider this my very wearable muslin. I absolutely love it, but I will probably make a few adjustments for my next version. Heather has an amazing post that lists quite a few common modifications and how to tell if you might need one (which is always the hardest part!). She also gives directions for how to modify the hemline, which given that this dramatic silhouette might not be for everyone, will be super helpful.

I think I could use a little more room in my sleeves and might want to try a sway back adjustment. The tencel fabric that I used makes everything a little more forgiving, but I think the changes in the fit will be more noticeable in a different fabric.



That said, I did have some troubles with the popover placket. I don't know if the instructions are printed backwards or if I cut out my placket incorrectly, but I ended up with the point of the placket folding out towards to right side of the shirt, instead of to the wrong side. Because of this, I wasn't able to sew it with the point at the bottom, I just had to sew it under straight across.

I've heard a couple other people have had some trouble with the placket opening the wrong way, so I'm wondering if maybe the instructions were just printed incorrectly for this version. I have a feeling that it will get worked out as Heather hosts her Kalle Shirtdress Sewalong, getting to the popover version later this week. Either way, I wouldn't recommend the popover placket version for a first-time button-up sewer! The tower placket construction can be kind of confusing if you haven't sewn a button-up before and it still makes my head spin! Next time, I will baste my placket together to make sure it's on correctly before fully sewing it in place. I'll also probably leave myself some extra fabric to potentially cut out a second placket just in case.



Even with the placket challenges, I loved this pattern and can't wait to make a couple other versions to fill some holes in my closet. I'd like to make one with a slightly more traditional hemline and full button placket, as well as a pajama version! Can't you just see this in a thin cotton voile for summer nights? Dreamy...


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