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Oversized Plaid Clare Coat

Posted by Jessica Povenmire on


This Colorado girl has been having major snow withdrawals lately. After more than three years since my last visit to the mountains during the winter, I just couldn't take it anymore. So Nate and I took a drive through the Cascades in search of snow! It was just what I needed. 



But of course, that meant that on Thursday night, I decided that I definitely needed a new coat to wear on our Saturday adventure. And so began the nearly-24-hour Clare Coat...

I had been dreaming about a coat in our Ghana Wool Coating since we got it in, based on an old Anthropologie coat that I regretted not buying when I had the chance...the fabric is nearly identical! So with only one full day of sewing ahead of me, I got to work.



The Clare Coat really is an amazing pattern. It look so tailored and professional, but the construction is actually really straightforward. I made my first version about a year ago before we left for a trip to London (apparently last minute coat sewing is my thing?).

There are a lot of pieces involved, but I like to sew in batches to keep things organized. I started with the exterior and got the shell 100% ready to go before cutting the lining. This way I didn't have pieces floating around my sewing room or getting lost in the shuffle. It also helped me feel like I was really making progress along the way.



The Ghana Wool Coating is just slightly lighter-weight than the Pendleton wool that I used in my first version. Because of this, I decided that I would either need to interline my coat with flannel or use a heavier lining fabric. I went searching in my fabric stash before making a mad run to the local fabric store and found a sherpa fleece that I bought ages ago with the intention of making a scarf. Guess who never got around to that project?

While the sherpa does add some extra bulk to the coat's silhouette, it's extremely warm and just what I was looking for! Plus, I used it for the pockets, so putting my hands in there is just a dream. I did use a bemberg lining for the sleeves so that I can get my arms in and out of my coat without getting caught up and bunchy.




I do believe that this is my very favorite coat to date! It turned out exactly how I imagined it and is perfect for winter days. We found the perfect spot for a winter walk just past Stevens Pass on our way to Leavenworth. Finn got to play in the snow for the first time and might have been more excited than me! It was a pretty perfect day.



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