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Fall Plaid Wool Inspiration

Posted by Jessica Povenmire on


To me, nothing says Fall like plaid. Give me a good tartan and I'll be happy any day. Which is why I am so excited for the four new wool plaids that we just got in the shop! We have two coatings and two wool twills. I know it can sometimes be difficult to pair a pattern with a fabric, so I wanted to offer up some inspiration on how you can use these gorgeous wools!



As the name implies, these wools are perfect for making winter coats. They have a heavier weight and provide more structure than a lighter weight wool.


 As soon as I saw the Ghana Wool, I immediately thought of the Hampden Pea Coat that Anthropologie carried years ago. It's one of those pieces that I spent ages wishing I had bought, long after the last one had sold out. So when I found a nearly identical fabric, it was like it was meant to be!

The Clare Coat is the perfect pattern to pair with this fabric. The oversized collar and double-breasted front of View B are nearly the same structure as the original coat. This one is definitely on my sewing list for this fall.



You really can't go wrong with a classic tartan wool. Our version is blended with cashmere for a slightly softer feel. It would of course work well with any of our coat patterns that we have in the shop!

But it would also make the perfect J.Crew inspired Moss Skirt from Grainline Studio (inspiration image was found on A Southern Drawl). Any of the wool twills would also work for the skirt, but this one just seems so festive and perfect for the colder days to come!




Traditionally used for workwear, twills are defined by the specific weave used to create a diagonal line in the fabric. Lighter in weight and drape than a wool coating, these fabrics are perfect for transitional pieces, bag-making, and home decor projects.


Another Anthropolgie coat that I regret not buying...the Popham Peacoat. I just love the bright and fun take on such a classic peacoat. Our Tayler Colman Wool Twill would be a such a happy version of this coat when paired with the Cascade Duffle Coat pattern!

Because this is a thinner wool to begin with, I would recommend interlining with Thinsulate to add a little bit of bulk and warmth to your coat.



Because who doesn't need a new travel bag?! With the holidays coming up, I know we're going to be spending weekends visiting family and friends. Nate always tries to steal my overnight bag, so he just might need his own.

I love how deep and rich the colors of our Dunbar Ruby Wool Twill are...a little bit of leather details would add just the right amount of warmth. I'm imagining a Portside Duffle set inspired by this Pendleton Wool travel bag (originally found at Urban Outfitters, but is no longer available). Add a little interfacing and you'll be set!



A few extras...

I love the classic, cozy look of plaids used in home decor, but I haven't been able to commit to a color theme in our house yet! Pillows and cushion covers don't take too much fabric, so I don't feel quite as guilty if we don't end up using them year-round. I think we'll probably end up with some plaid pillows for the holidays this year!


From left to right:

Tartan plaid pillow - Becca Home Design
Plaid stool tops - Organizationally Impaired
Wool plaid cosmetics bag - Scotweb
Tartan plaid living room - Pinterest, unsure of original source

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