Grainline Moss Skirt

Posted on 04 August 2015

I sometimes have a hard time getting around to writing blog posts about finished projects. I end up questioning whether or not it's worth it...does anyone really want to read another post about the Scout Tee? Don't get me wrong - my closet is full of Scout Tee's - but there have been so many amazing and inspiring variations...what do I have to bring to the table?

But then I find myself starting a new project and spending hours scouring the internet, looking for someone who has some advice on certain alterations or who has a similar body type as mine to provide some wisdom. So for all you people out there looking for some thoughts on the Moss Skirt, this is for you...



As you've probably gathered by now, I am a huge fan of anything and everything from Grainline Studio. Typically, I wear a size 6 or 8 and the Grainline patterns fit me true to size. However, I've recently found that I need to go up a size for bottoms like the Maritime Shorts and Moss Skirt. My hips measure into a size 10 and I definitely don't want my skirt to be too tight in my booty. Next time, I'll probably grade from a size 8 at the waist to a size 10 in my waist and hips. 



I used a stretch twill for this Moss Skirt and it is so unbelievably comfortable. Because of the extra stretch, I probably could have gotten away with a size 8. I would definitely recommend thinking about your fabric when deciding what size to make. Stretch wovens typically give out a bit as you wear them, so even if it fits a little snug at first, there's a good chance it'll end up pretty perfect.



Version A (the shorter option) hits me at just the right spot without being too short and I'm 5'6" for reference. I might add an extra inch or two next time for a fall version. Add some tights and (of course) a Scout Tee, and you're looking at my fall uniform. I've got a pretty amazing wool from Pendleton that's just begging to turn into a Moss Skirt...

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