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maude cardigan

Posted by Jessica Povenmire on

We're back from vacation and I'm officially in making-mode! There's at least three works-in-progress that I'm ready to wrap up and share here on the blog. First up, my finished piece for the #sundaysweaterkal...the Maude Cardigan from Quince and Co.

I was looking for a classic, oversize cardigan and this one was just the ticket. I decided to size up and cast on the size 44 to make it extra cozy. In hindsight, I think I would have stuck with my original size. I love the length of this size, but the body is just a little bigger than I anticipated, especially in the shoulders and chest. The sleeves are definitely too long...I have to cuff the them so they don't hang down past my fingers!

The pattern itself is...a memory test? I don't want to say it's difficult; in terms of techniques, it's actually pretty straightforward. However, there are multiple increase and decrease patterns happening at the same time that definitely tested my row counting skills.

I love the ribbing and garter stitch detail on the hem, sleeves, and button band. I like to think it looks a little more polished this way, but maybe that's just me. I decided to leave the pockets off for now so that the cardigan didn't get too busy, but who knows? Maybe I'll add them on someday. For now, I'm really happy with how it turned out! Perfect for Sunday trips to the farmer's market and cozying up on winter days.

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