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valentine's hand warmers tutorial

Posted by Jessica Povenmire on


Try as I might to avoid it, I always end up giving into the heart-shaped craze this time of year. And when I really think about it, who wouldn't want to celebrate love? Time to stop being bitter and start looking at the world through rose colored glasses for awhile. And with most of the country getting hit by snow storm after snow storm, I think we could all use a little something to keep us warm and toasty for a little while.

-fabric scraps, leftovers, or fat quarters
-sewing machine
-rice (about 1/4 cup per hand warmer, depending on size)

1. Start by drawing a heart that's about the size of your hand onto a piece of paper. Cut it out to use as a template.

2. Fold your fabric in half so that you'll be working with two pieces at once. Trace your heart onto the fabric and cut it out.

3. You've got two options here. If you want to make a heart with the raw edges on the inside, pin your two heart pieces right side together. If you want your heart to have raw edges showing (I trimmed mine with pinking shears) pin your two hearts right sides out. Both ways turn out adorable.

4. Sew around the edge of your heart with about a 1/4" seam allowance. Leave a 1" opening along one side.

5. If you're making a heart with the seams on the inside, flip your heart right side out so that the right side of the fabric is now showing. With either option, you should have a heart-shaped pocket at this point.

6. Fill your heart with rice. I found it was easiest to make a funnel out of a piece of paper to get the rice in easier. You'll want it almost full, but not so full that you can't get the edges back together.

7. Using a needle and thread, sew your 1" opening shut using either a slip or running stitch.

8. Microwave your hand warmers for about 20 seconds, stick them in your pocket, and you're all ready for a cozy, winter walk!


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