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the curated closet - week one

Posted by Jessica Povenmire on


One night into The Curated Closet and I'm already obsessed. Just the intro resonated so much with how I'm feeling about my closet and my approach to fashion!

After working at Anthropologie for ages, I definitely got in the mindset that pattern mixing and statement pieces were a must-have in any fashionable person's wardrobe. And I wore them regularly and loved each and every one of them. But as soon as I stopped working at Anthro, I stopped wearing the crazy patterns and bold accessories. There is a dress with painted faces on it that has been pushed to the very back of my closet that I haven't worn in over two years. Yet, I always think I'll find some place I might want to wear it someday...and so it stays in my closet.


There were a couple of concepts in the introduction that really stood out to me. One is the idea of trend vs. style. The idea that following the latest runway shows and trying to emulate them in my own wardrobe therefore means I am somehow stylish. 

But if I think about the people in my life who I look up to as "stylish", they don't follow many (if any) trends. They are the people who are comfortable and confident in whatever they are wearing. Quite often, the pieces they put together are more minimal and simplistic than trendy. 

While this might seem like a pretty straightforward concept, it's one that I never could quite put into words. "Trendy". "Stylish". The terms are so often used interchangeably that defining them became nearly impossible. I know and can definitely recognize what I admire in others, but I've never been able to really wrap my head around what it is that I'm drawn to until now.


Second, I love that Anushcka Rees calls out the "one-size-fits-all mentality that the entire fashion industry so often conveys...". Just because all the fashion magazines tell me that the essential pieces that I should have in my wardrobe are a black blazer, white button down, and pumps doesn't mean that those pieces are essential in MY wardrobe. Confession - I own a white black blazer, a white button down, and pumps. I barely ever wear them.

What is a staple in my closet isn't necessarily a staple in someone elses' closet. Rees compares fashion to music - we wouldn't listen to music we don't like just because someone tells us that's what we should like...why is it any different with what we wear?



One of the key things that Rees suggests is being selective and only reserving closet space for items that you love 100%. She lists quite a few reasons that so many closets are filled with outfits that are never worn. I am completely guilty!

I wear clothes that aren't comfortable or ride up in the wrong places. I have boxes full of clothes that I might fit into one day if I lose twenty pounds and go down a cup size. I have pieces that I can't let myself get rid of because they were expensive. 

I'm really looking forward to stepping back, assessing my closet, and allowing myself to make changes without guilt. I can let go of clothes that I never wear, and that's okay. This is going to be a pretty new concept for me.



Today marks Day One of a two week wardrobe assessment. Rees recommends taking pictures of what you wear every day and jotting down notes about the occasion or situation you're dressing for. At the end of the two weeks, you'll look back at what you wore and answer questions ranging from how happy you were with your outfits to whether or not you want people to notice your clothes. How easy was it to get dressed in the morning? Which emotions have the biggest impact on how you dress?

I'm going to attempt to go a little further and write down my thoughts in the morning as I get dressed, thinking about what considerations I'm making depending on the day. I'll also try to take notes at night - how did I feel in this outfit? Was I glad to change into pajamas? Because I feel like my wardrobe and the challenges that I have with it are somewhat all over the place, I really want to delve into what I choose to wear and why.


Next week, I'll report back with whatever findings I may have so far. Of course, you'll be able to see all my outfits thanks to Me Made May, but I'll be noting how I felt in each one, as well as any challenges, issues, etc. that I might have had with the outfit. I'll also share little bits of the book here and there in my Instagram stories if you care to join along! So far, I think this book will make a really big difference in how I both style my current wardrobe and how I add to it going forward.


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