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Fall Projects

Posted by Jessica Povenmire on

I love fall.

But not because of Halloween or the pumpkin-flavored everything that hits menus about this time of year (although I do love pumpkin as much as the next guy).

I love fall for the same reason I love spring-there's a feeling of change in the air. The weather gets a little cooler, the days get a little shorter, and I just want to snuggle up under a blanket with a warm cup of tea and a good book. There are those bursts of wind that blow red and orange leaves around you like a snow globe and for a moment, it feels like there's magic in the air. As Albert Camus once said, "Autumn is a second spring when every leaf is a flower."

The projects that I'm most excited about this season are inspired by that cozy feeling you get when your outfit consists of a sweater, scarf, and boots. It's about slowing down and really enjoying this fleeting time that never seems to last long enough before the trees are bare and the cold starts to settle in. Slowly buy surely, I'll be crafting my way through this list.

1. Fall Leaf Garland

This is the project that I'm most excited about and is first on my to-do list! I love the idea of bringing the outdoors in and Garland of Grace has a simple and quick way to preserve the fall colors.

2. Cottage Slipper Socks

A perfect introduction to knitting socks from Lion Brand Yarns. The thicker yarn not only knits up quickly, but also leaves you with an incredibly warm pair of socks, perfect for chilly mornings. There are a couple pairs of these in my future!

3. DIY Elbow Patches

The world needs more elbow patches. Plain and simple. Thank you Honestly WTF for showing us how easy it can be to add our own elbow patches to any sweater.

4. Birch Tree Candle Holders

During a season when so many projects are focused on the changing leaves, Cozy Stylish Chic's tutorial for birch tree candle holders is a lovely way to incorporate the rest of what makes fall so beautiful. These will definitely be on my coffee table not just during autumn, but all the way through the holidays.

5. Knit Lap Blanket

As mentioned in a recent post, I might have a slight blanket of course, this Pixie Dust lap blanket by the Purl Bee is right up my alley. This throw is a show stopper that's only made better by being able to say, "I made that!" when asked where you found it.

6. Simple Sweater Mittens

The original source for this image is unknown, but Martha Stewart has a simple tutorial for turning old sweaters into mittens. These would make a super quick gift idea or easy afternoon project!


What are you making this fall? Let us know what your favorite autumn projects are!

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