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a plaid popover archer

Posted by Jessica Povenmire on

Where did February and March go?? I had so many more winter sewing and knitting plans up my sleeve, and before I knew it, the sun was shining, flowers were blooming, and I am already way behind on spring sewing...

When the pattern variation was released, I knew it would make a regular rotation in my closet (there may have been cheering over here when I got the e-mail about a popover version!). This plaid, flannel version is my last goodbye to cold weather outfits.



I love the placket construction that's used in this variation! And I love even more that the sleeve placket got an update as well. I still need some practice until I get it just right, but in my mind, this technique is so much more straightforward than the original approach from the Archer pattern. I always end up folding something incorrectly or stitching in the wrong place unless I use the "tower" method that the popover variation includes. This was a major game changer for me.

That said, I would actually recommend doing the sleeve plackets before attempting the main placket on the body. Because it takes a little finagling, it might be nice to practice on a couple plackets that aren't quite so front and center before tackling the big one.



I think that I'll grade down the sleeves a size or two next time I make this shirt. I didn't notice the sleeves being too big in the original Archer I made, but maybe it was my fabric choice. For this one, the sleeves seem a little big for my taste, mainly through the elbow and forearm.

I'm already planning a couple more popover Archer's in gauze for spring and summer. This is such a classic pattern, how could you not need multiples? I think next time, I'll set up an assembly line with a few different fabrics so that I can just bust through them as quick as I can!



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