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Welcome to La Mercerie

Posted by Jessica Povenmire on

The road to La Mercerie is a messy one (usually involving paint, scraps of fabric, and half-finished projects covering the living room floor). My creative journey started long ago with finger painting and friendship bracelets and never really stopped. There has always been a constant struggle between the balance of being creative and being productive. Needless to say, an art project will always come before chores in my book.

La Mercerie is about celebrating creativity for everyone. In my experience, the one thing holding me back in most of my endeavors has been simply not knowing where to begin. At La Mercerie, we hope to ease that challenge. We believe that with the right start, anyone can create something that will last a lifetime. Starting this fall, La Mercerie will be offering a curated selection of projects to push you beyond the typical craft project and into the world of true do-it-yourself. Instead of a project that you'll only use once, La Mercerie strives to provide heirloom quality pieces that you will come back to over and over. The skills you learn in each project will serve you time and again as you continue on your own creative path.

In the meantime, follow along with the La Mercerie blog to find inspiration for bringing more creativity into your own life. We can't wait to show you what we've got up our sleeves...

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