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Posted on 14 January 2016

A couple years ago, when La Mercerie was just getting off the ground, I decided to take a course from my friend Chris, who founded Merchant Method – consulting services for small business owners. I was still trying to figure out how I could even make my own business happen, let alone (and fingers crossed!) make money from it. I wasn’t ready for major decisions like marketing plans or markdown strategies; I just needed to know how to manage the day-to-day of La Mercerie. I took a workshop called “Create Your Quarterly Action Plan” to learn about inventory planning and it helped me to better understand just some of the many ways I can manage my business through pricing, inventory, and a strong strategy.



Two years later and I’m still learning every day, but I have a stronger foundation to build upon. And even more exciting, I’ve recently joined Chris’s team as her program manager to bring more workshops and training's to more people! We’re hosting two workshops in the month of January and if you’re in Seattle, we’d love to have you join us!


January Workshops:

Thursday, January 21: Lead Your Business Growth

Asses your leadership style and learn how to operate more consistently and successfully as a creative business owner – whether you work alone or with a team.

UPDATE: We've gotten a great response and want to be able to bring this workshop to more people! We will now be offering this course as a webinar so that more people can participate. You can find out more here!



While I know that a lot of you reading this blog aren’t small business owners in a traditional sense, a lot of you are makers. Some may even be considering selling your products someday, but just aren’t sure where to get started. We’ve got you covered. The topics we'll be covering in these workshops can be applied to all sorts of businesses and situations. You don't need a physical storefront and team of associates to still need guidance on how to manage your business. Basically, we want to provide you with the foundation you need to get started and continue to support you along the way.

The Merchant Method website has a lot more information on each workshop if you’re interested in joining us. If you have any questions or just want to hear a little more, let me know!  


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