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Winter Wishes Sock Swap 2023

It's that time of the year again - the Winter Wishes Sock Swap!

Last year, over 1,000 people participated from around the world.
I can't wait to see how this year's swap turns out!
There's a lot of information that I would like to share, so please take a moment to read through these FAQ's if you would like to participate!
When you're ready, you can sign up here!
The idea for the swap started from my own tradition of knitting a special pair of socks to cast on Christmas Eve and knit throughout the holidays, as we slow down and reflect on the year. The winter season has me reaching for the comfort of cozy socks - a simple project as the year comes to a close. No matter what you celebrate, I welcome you to join me in a winter fiber sharing event to say goodbye to 2023!
Plus, getting a little something in the mail is always the highlight of my day. We all could use a little extra joy these days and this swap is just the way to spread some cheer and share in the magic of winter. This is your opportunity to truly make someone's day.
October 12:  Sign up's open!
October 19:  Sign ups close
October 20 - October 29: Partner matching! All partner information will be sent by October 29 at the latest.
December 8: Last day to ship orders

All the details:

What is the Winter Wishes Sock Swap?
The Winter Wishes Sock Swap is a seasonal fiber sharing event.  You will be matched with a partner, who you will send a package of yarn so that they can cast on a pair of socks this winter season. In turn, they will send a package to you!

Who can participate?
Anyone! The Winter Wishes Sock Swap is open to anyone who completes the survey. However, please do take this seriously. If you fill out the survey, please make sure that you are committed to sending a package. Unfortunately, last year there were a number of people who's partners didn't follow through and it can be so disappointing. Please take this chance to make someone's day!

Does it cost anything to sign up?
This year, we will be charging a $5.00 participation fee.

The swap is incredibly time intensive for our team. We take the partner matching process very seriously and it takes quite some time (as well as the follow up required!). This fee helps pay our team for the time spent facilitating the swap. In addition, we also send out replacement packages for people whose partners don't follow through on the swap. Finally, we hope that a small financial contribution will hold people more accountable for their participation and we will see fewer people with missing partners.

What needs to be in our packages?
The only real requirement is that you send at least 100g of yarn for your partner to make some socks to keep their toes cozy and warm this winter. That said, we do ask that take some time to get to know them and get creative to make their package feel special!
You could send your favorite cookie recipe, some tea, a candle, a sock pattern - whatever! This package is a special way to make their winter a little more cozy and magical, so please take this into consideration when putting together your packages.

Do we have to buy new yarn for our partners?
No, you are welcome to shop your long as it's something you think your partner would like! This is a chance to get to know someone new in the fiber community and make a friend - send them something they would love to receive!

That said - please do not send partial skeins or cakes unless your partner has requested scrappy socks. This is not a way for you to get rid of leftover yarn or skeins you don't like. This swap is more about giving than receiving.

Can I pick my partner?
No - the surprise is half the fun! Once you have completed the survey, I painstakingly sort through each and every response to pair you with your partner. I take this process very seriously and hope that you can make a new friend through the process! 

Will you share my address?
No - in fact, I won't even ask for your address! When partner information gets sent out, I will share your name, e-mail address, and Instagram name with your partner so that they can get in touch with you, but you will need to provide them with your address to ship your package. In the rare event that you do not feel safe for comfortable with your partner, your address won't be at risk.

What about shipping? Do I have to ship internationally?
Well, maybe. When you complete the survey, you will be asked if you would prefer to ship to someone in your home country or internationally. I will absolutely do my best to match you with someone in your own country to make shipping easier and more affordable, but if we didn't get enough participants from your country, you may be matched with someone from another country.

The US deadline for shipping your package is December 8. That said, SHIP EARLIER IF YOU CAN! We all know the post office can struggle during the holiday season to keep up with the number of packages they are delivering, so shipping times could be delayed this time. In order to avoid lost or delayed packages, I recommend shipping as soon as possible - and don't throw away your tracking information, just in case!

One last note -
This event is meant to be fun and festive. I ask that if you complete the survey and agree to sign up for the Winter Wishes Sock Swap, that you are committing to participate and send a package. 

In addition, you are required to be kind and respectful to your partner. Hate speech or inappropriate behavior towards any marginalized group is unacceptable and not tolerated. If this behavior is reported, you will be banned from participating in all future events with La Mercerie. We take the safety of our community very seriously.



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