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Gauge & Knitting Math - June 24
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Gauge & Knitting Math - June 24


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Let's talk knitting math - it's such an important thing to understand in order to take your knitting to the next level!

Maybe your sweaters always turn out too small, even though you thought you got gauge. Maybe you don't know how to read a gauge swatch. Maybe you want to better understand how to swap out different yarns than what's recommended. This class is for you!

In this class we'll walk through every part of knitting gauge and make the math behind it much less scary! We'll talk about gauge swatching, how to measure your gauge, how needle size and yarn weight affect your gauge, and how to make adjustments based on your gauge.

This class is held in person at our Bainbridge Island shop on Saturday, June 24 from 10:30a - 12:00p. This class will be taught by our very own Emily Curtis!

What you should know before taking this class:
This class is best equipped for folks who already know how to knit, but may be new to knitting garments.

What you'll need for the class:
We won't be making a specific project for this class, so just bring whatever you'd like to take notes with and come prepared with questions!

Note: We have decided to increase the class length for our Summer session in order to cover more material, leading to a slightly higher class fee for these sessions.